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Ignition key San Antonio

Cars Key San Antonio, Texas has the right tools to extract an ignition key stuck in your keyhole. Don't sweat it if this happens to you. It is also advisable that you don't try to remove it forcefully. Call our locally based locksmiths who will be at your home within minutes after you call.

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Ignition key replaced or repaired

We can help you replace ignition key if yours is broken. We always try repairing the part to save you money. But if repairs are not the way to go, we will do replacement, which is good for you. Are you in business and are worried about losing a sale because of Ignition Key Repair need? Cars Key San Antonio, TX will take care of this problem for you.

We have in stock ignition keys with chips for all types of car makes and models. If you drive Japanese, European or American car we will repair the key for you. You can’t do much these days without a properly working remote. Most automobiles have automated features for unlocking doors, trunks and starting the engine. If you are stranded because your device can’t unlock your vehicle, we will unlock it for you.

cars key san antonio

Ignition switch problems fixed

We provide the best ignition repair for your vehicle. We don’t rush when working on this important part of your automobile. We take our time and do it right each time so that you can be able to enjoy your automobile a whole lot better. Do you need help on the weekends or on holidays? Have been calling around and no one is home? We will always answer your call in person no matter when or what time you call.


If you need ignition switch repaired, Cars Key San Antonio, Texas has the tools, the skills and the experience to perform this job to your satisfaction. We have invested in powerful tools for this type of work that you will find useful in solving your problems no matter what time you need them. Call us today and see why others think so highly of our service.

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